Leicester,shire Police Intercultural Evening 2018

How intercultural was the 25th Leicestershire Police’s Intercultural Evening? African Network Perspective

Community members in LLR joined Leicestershire Police at the pleasure of the Chief Constable, to celebrate its 25th intercultural evening last night. The more than 250 guests who attended could not but wondered how cultural this year's event was. The event which in the past years has just been a networking event, saw an unexpected twist this year with the attendance of the African Network Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (ANLLR); an organisation made up of Africans from all professionals backgrounds working in partnership with Local stakeholders to empower and support Africans in LLR to fulfil their full potential and goals.

The network has as main objectives to work with the police to support local stakeholders in raising awareness of the dangers of  knife crime and to be part of the solution within the black communities in LLR.

African Network LLR is excited to have met local stakeholders all of which showed deep interest working closely with the organisation. They expressed their willing to work in partnership with the network in reaching out to the black communities in ways they have never been able to in the past.

Among those the network met were Police and Crime Commissioner, Lord Willy Bach, he said: "We are looking forward to work with African Network LLR …” The Chief Constable, Simon Cole QPM, said: "It's a brilliant idea to have an African Network, it would be great to work with ANLLR to see how we can tackle some of the issues within the black communities”.

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